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On The Horizon - March 11, 2024

Mark Your Calendars!

MTA Truck Driving Championship

MTA is excited to announce that registration for the 2024 Truck Driving Championship is now open! The championship will be held on June 8th at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! Click the links below for the registration form, sponsorship opportunities and hotel room block information!

2024 TDC Registration form
Download PDF • 276KB

TDC Sponsorship Opportunities
Download DOC • 130KB

We need help to put on this great event! So if you are able to help or know of anyone, please let us know! Thank you in advance for you help in making this event happen! To register to volunteer use the sign up sheet below

Volunteer registration form
Download DOC • 1.29MB

How to Inspect Trailer Suspensions

Trailers suffer from a chronic lack of attention. They may not see a technician for months on end if they run from drop yard to drop yard. When one of these lost souls appears in the yard, it probably needs a little attention. The first step in keeping the equipment rolling is to check the driver vehicle inspection reports for write-ups, and then do a thorough visual inspection to ensure it is fully operational, ensuring it is visually free of any obvious signs of failure in any major component.

The visual inspection should include:

  • Inspecting the air springs for damage or wear

  • Inspecting pivot bushings for signs of excessive wear

  • Looking for movement around bolted connections that can suggest loosening

  • Checking control valves for damage or abnormal leakage

  • Checking shock absorbers for leaking or mounting issues

That's stuff every driver should be doing every day, but it never hurts to look a trailer over before getting into a serious inspection. Chances are if nothing untoward is seen with a thorough visual inspection, you might let it go until next time -- unless you have technicians standing around with nothing to do. Read More

EVs may make air dirtier than gas-powered cars as California pushes new mandates: study

Regulatory mandates to compel the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) may create new emissions problems that undercut some of the green goals they seek to achieve, according to an environmental lawyer.

Boyden Gray PLLC law firm partner Michael Buschbacher, who worked in the Justice Department's Environment Division in 2020-21 and specializes in environmental law at his current firm, said in an appearance on FOX Business Network's "The Big Money Show" that California's effort to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035 could result in dirtier air than intended. The California proposal is under review by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Read More

Will's Safety Tip

We will dive into work comp in this series. We will start very broad and get deep into the subject in the coming weeks.

Part 1: Who Needs Montana Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Montana workers’ compensation laws require almost every business with employees to carry workers’ comp coverage. 

Workers’ compensation in the state of Montana covers a variety of work-related incidents. It provides benefits to employees who get injured or ill on the job. Workers’ comp is also beneficial for employers in Big Sky Country because it can limit your liability in case of injuries and illnesses. Learn more about Montana workers’ compensation regulations on the Department of Labor’s web page.

Montana workers’ compensation can help cover:

  • Repetitive injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, from repeated strain during the workday.

  • Accidents or injuries that take place at work and need medical care. For example, if one of your employees slips in the warehouse and goes to the emergency room, workers’ comp can help cover their cost.

  • Funeral costs if an employee dies due to a work-related accident. Workers’ comp would help provide death benefits to their family.

  • Illnesses when employees contract an occupational disease from risky chemicals or other substances. Workers’ comp can help pay for their medical treatments.

  • Wage loss benefits when an employee needs time off to recover from a work-related injury. Workers’ comp can help replace some of the money they lose by not being able to work.

  • Disability benefits if an employee suffers a severe injury that prohibits them from working for a certain amount of time.

  • Ongoing care when an employee needs long-term treatment, like months of physical therapy, to help them recover from an injury or illness.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to provide workers’ compensation for independent contractors. Instead, you’ll want to make sure your independent contractors have an exemption for workers’ comp or purchase it themselves.

Stay Safe!

Barry 'Spook' Stang Memorial Scholarship

MTA is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for the Barry 'Spook' Stang Memorial Scholarship for 2024-2025! This scholarship is for any new or returning student planning on attending a Montana College, University, Trade school or other educational institution. Student must be a dependent of or be employed by an MTA member. Application form can be found below or on our website!

Scholarship application 2024-2025
Download DOCX • 1.04MB

2024 Annual Sponsorship Opportunities

MTA is now accepting 2024 sponsorships. See link for full benefits and registration form!

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