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05/16/22 On The Horizon

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

ATRI's Zero-Emission Trucks Executive Summary

New research from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) analyzed the environmental impacts of Class 8 zero-emission trucks (ZETs). The research utilized federal and industry-sourced data to identify and compare full life-cycle CO2 emissions for a range of truck types: • Internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks powered by diesel • Battery electric vehicle (BEV) trucks powered by electricity • Fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) trucks powered by hydrogen ATRI’s analysis compared CO2 emissions across the full vehicle life-cycle: • Vehicle production • Energy production and consumption • Vehicle disposal/recycling

The study found that ... READ MORE

International Roadcheck is this week (May 17-19)

This year’s International Roadcheck will focus on wheel ends, which include the wheels, rims, hubs and tires on a commercial motor vehicle. Violations involving those components historically account for about one quarter of the vehicle out-of-service violations discovered during International Roadcheck, and past International Roadcheck data routinely found wheel end components in the top 10 of vehicle violations. Wheel end components support the READ MORE

FMCSA's Emergency Declaration

FMCSA is continuing the exemption and associated regulatory relief in accordance with 49 CFR § 390.25, because the presidentially declared emergency remains in place and because, although the number of COVID-19 cases began to decline in the U.S. following widespread introduction of vaccinations, persistent issues arising out of COVID-19 continue to affect the U.S. including impacts on supply chains and the need to ensure capacity to respond to variants and potential rises in infections. Therefore, a continued exemption is needed to support direct emergency assistance for some supply chains. This amendment of the extension of the modified Emergency Declaration 2020-002 is necessary to address particular fuel needs arising out of the ongoing emergency and to broaden the categories of fuel shipments covered. This notice continues the relief ... READ MORE

Our Sponsors

If you would like to be a Sponsor, please contact Karen at 406-442-6600 or

Mike's Safety Tip Heat Stroke People with heat stroke have a high body temperature and their body goes into shock. Heat stroke causes nausea, delirium and possibly vomiting, and your organs shut down. Left untreated, people die. When your body loses that much water, it can't regulate temperature and overheats. When someone is suffering from heat stroke, get medical attention immediately. Move the person to a cool place and sponge the victim with cold water. Do not give them something to drink. At this point, the body won't absorb water fast enough. Drinking could lead to more nausea and vomiting. Have a great week, Mike 406-274-8519

Save The Date

July 13th - 15th, 2022 Park City, Utah Click HERE for a larger view

2022 Annual Inspection Decals

Call MTA to order the 2022 Inspection Decals 406-442-6600 Or you can Email Karen:

The room-block ends SOON!

The '22 MT Truck Expo is less than a month away! The room block deadlines are upon us! After they expire, the prices will go up! These hotels have a cut-off date of TODAY:

  • Baymont (406-558-4756)

  • Wingate (406-558-4490

I was able to get an extension until Thursday 5/19/22 at:

  • Hampton Inn (406-443-5800)

Upcoming Events

May 17 - 19, 2022 International Roadcheck May 30, 2022 MTA office closed Memorial Day Holiday June 9 - 11, 2022 Convention, TDC, DOT Inspectors Helena, MT June 30, 2022 Share the Road @ the Distracted Driving Event 7 AM - 4 PM Butte, MT July 4, 2022 MTA office closed Independence Day Holiday July 13 - 15, 2022 Rocky Mountain Regional Safety Rendezvous (RMRSR) Park City, Utah August 16 - 19, 2022 National Truck Driving Championship Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis, IN September 25 - 29, 2022 National SuperTech Competition Huntington Convention Center Cleveland, OH

Have you gotten your annual MVR's yet?

If not, Motor Carriers of Montana can run your Montana annual MVR's (Motor Vehicle Report) for you. The cost is $10.25 per MVR. All you need to provide is:

  • Employees name

  • Employees Montana driver license number

  • Employees date of birth

So if you would like us to help you with your annual MVR's, send an email to or call 406-442-6600

Montana Trucking Association 501 N. Sanders, Suite 201 Helena, MT 59601 406-442-6600

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