The MCM Scholarship Committee has announced that there were four 2020 winners of the Leonard Eckel Memorial Scholarship. They are Brandon Donahoo, Ethan Frey, Zane Haivala, and Aubrie Zohner.

The criteria for evaluation of scholarship are: 40 points for scholastic ability based on high school or college grade point average; 30 points for financial need; 10 points for student activities both in school and extracurricular, employment and honors; and 20 points on the applicant’s financial self-help.

Scholarship applicants are requested to write a short essay on the Montana trucking industry.

MCM accepts applications from:

  • Montana students completing their senior year in high school or currently enrolled in a Montana college and working toward an undergraduate degree.
  • Students must be an employee or the dependent of an employee of a MCM Member to be eligible.
  • The student must be a Montana resident planning to attend a Montana college, University, Trade school, or other educational institution.

The Scholarship Committee will decide the amount of each individual award at the time of selection. Grades are a part of the process of determining our recipients, but they are not the deciding factor. The selection criteria are fully outlined in the enclosed scholarship application.

Scholarship Application

Due May 2, 2022


Previous  recipients:

2019 Recipient             2019 Recipient                      2019 Recipient
Karter Bernhardt          Zane Haivala                         McKendra O’Dore
2018 Recipient            2018 Recipient                    2018 Recipient
Jacob Kunze                Olivia Ruesch                      Kirby Haggerty


2018 Recipient             2018 Recipient
McKendra O’Dore        Brett Robinson
2017 Recipient         2017 Recipient                 2017 Recipient 
Olivia Ruesch          Maya Guldborg                  Kaylee Stecher
Dylan Belcourt                  Samantha Regan-Nelson
2015 Recipient                     2015 Recipient
Dylan Belcourt                     Samantha Regan-Nelson
  Tana Marble pic                    Morgan Woods pic
2014 Recipient                            2014 Recipient 
Tana Marble                                Morgan Woods

Britta Whitmer 2013        Lindsay Sebastian 2013

2013 Recipient                         2013 Recipient
Brita Whitmer                          Lindsay Sebastian 
Chasmin Haggerty 2012                   Jacy Hathaway 2012                    John Miller 2012
2012 Recipient                          2012 Recipient                                     2012 Recipient
Chasmin Haggerty                    Jacy Hathaway                                     John Miller
Jessica Williamson 2011                Melanie Rush 2011
2011 Recipient                            2011 Recipient
Jessica Williamson                     Melanie Rush
Cole Hinnaland 2010           Jessica Williamson 2010                          Spencer Bertelsen 2010
2010 Recipient                               2010 Recipient                                     2010 Recipient
Cole Hinnaland                              Jessica Williamson                              Spencer Bertelsen
Cole Hinnaland 2009              Jessica Williamson 2010
2009 Recipient                               2009 Recipien
Cole Hinnaland                               Jessica Williamson
Jennifer Oberg 2009            Michaela O'Dore 2008                Rikki Poor 2008
2008 Recipient                            2008 Recipient                               2008 Recipient
Jennifer Oberg                            Michaela O’Dore                            Rikki Poor
Jennifer Oberg 2009           Hilary Ulrickson 2007           Samantha Lidstrom 2007
2007 Recipient                                   2007 Recipient                                       2007 Recipient
Jennifer Oberg                                     Hilary Ulrickson                                     Samantha Lidstrom
Bethann Garramon 2006        Evan Roberts 2006        Jennifer Bertrand 2006        Meghan Ries 2006
2006 Recipient                2006 Recipient               2006 Recipient             2006 Recipient
Bethann Garramon         Evan Roberts                  Jennifer Bertrand        Meghan Ries
Allie Yeager 2005          Jennifer Oberg 2009              Laci Johnston 2005
2005 Recipient                               2005 Recipient                             2005 Recipient
Allie Yeager                                      Jennifer Oberg                              Laci Johnston
Gregory Indreland 2004                  Kristi Louden 2004
2004 Recipient                              2004 Recipient
Gregory Indreland                        Kristi Louden
Bethann Garramon 2006              Darren Gollehon 2003
2003 Recipient                               2003 Recipient
Bethann Garramon                        Darren Gollehon
Jennifer Backlin 2002               Kyle Goroski 2002
2002 Recipient                                2002 Recipient
Jennifer Backlin                               Kyle Goroski
Brandy Corkill 2001          Jade Goroski 2001             Keila Davis 2001
2001 Recipient                                       2001 Recipient                                        2001 Recipient
Brandy Corkill                                     Jade Goroski                                          Keila Davis