Safety Supervisor of the Year

The candidate for “MCM & RMRSR Safety Supervisor of the Year” must be actively involved in the loss prevention program and safety activities of a “for hire” or “private carrier” truck fleet. This will include safety directors, safety supervisors, and/or other persons responsible for this duty.  The candidate must reside in one of the five western states, which include Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.   The candidate must be employed by the same employer for one year prior to the RMRSR meeting and be employed by that employer at the time of the meeting.  Employer for whom the candidate is employed must be a member of that state’s trucking association in which the carrier must be domiciled, or a member of the Safety Management, Maintenance & Technology Council.  Candidate will be selected on his/her accomplishments for the contest year only. The contest year will be from January 1 through December 31 of the year preceding the RMRSR meeting.

Each of the five states will be permitted to nominate one person for the award. The method of selecting the nominee will be left up to the individual state, usually the Safety Management, Maintenance and Technology Council. The chairman of the RMRSR each year will mail to each of the five state associations a nomination form and request that they submit a nominee. Nominations received after deadline date (May 3, 2018) will not be considered.   Each of the five western states is entitled to one representative on the Selection Committee. The method of selecting the representative is left up to the individual states. It is suggested that the representative be a member of a regulatory agency familiar with the trucking industry.  After receiving the individual state nominees, the Chairman of the RMRSR will forward the nominations to the Chairman of the Selection Committee who will distribute them to the members of the Selection Committee in the manner he/she sees fit.

Safety Supervisor of the Year application

2016 Safety Supervisor of the Year


Frank Molodecki
Diversified Transfer & Storage Inc.
Billings, MT


2015 Safety Supervisor of the Year

Troy Jodoin

Troy Jodoin
Watkins & Shepard Trucking
Missoula, MT


2014 Safety Supervisor of the Year


Jennifer McCollum
Raymond Corcoran Trucking
Billings, MT


2013 Safety Supervisor of the Year

Stacey Hemming
Whitewood Transport
Billings MT


 2012 Safety Supervisor of the Year


Phil Hinshaw (wife Dona)
Sammons Trucking
Missoula, MT