The MCM staff continually looks for new services to offer our members, in addition to the insurance programs, safety supplies, product discounts and educational seminars that the MCM provides.  Please use this directory to help you find new business opportunities and support those businesses that make Montana’s economy strong and Montana a great place to live.

We will be offering new partnerships with businesses across the country that will be aimed at making your life easier and your business profitable.  In addition to these fine services, the MCM is now equipped to handle credit card transactions for seminars and supplies, which will now make it easier for you to do business with us.







As a Motor Carriers of Montana member, you and your fleet can now receive discounted pricing on all Goodyear Commercial Truck Tires, at select tire dealers in Montana. For more information on pricing, dealer locations or designated salesperson contact information Click Here!



Continental Owner Operators Ltd. (COOL) was established to benefit the Motor Carrier as well as the Owner Operator by working to alleviate the administrative cost and the time consumption involved in monitoring the Owner Operator.  COOL ensures appropriate and thorough insurance coverage that will protect the Motor Carrier as well as the Owner Operator from virtually all trucking and work-related risks.

By putting the COOL team to work for you, the potential headaches of dealing with owner operators are taken off of your hands.  The highly trained and qualified team of insurance professionals at COOL take pride in processing applications, notifying loss payees, monitoring insurance policies and informing all parities of changes.

The MCM and the Western Trucking Associations Executive Council, which represents the 15 western states, endorse COOL.  For more information visit their website at or call 800-909-6966



UPS Savings Program
Save up to 28% on UPS shipping thanks to MCM!




MCM members can now save up to 28% off UPS Express air, and international shipments.  That’s a significant savings over FedEx published rates!*  All this with the peace of mind that comes from using the carrier that delivers outstanding reliability, greater speed, more service, and innovative technology.  UPS guarantees delivery of more packages around the world than anyone, and delivers more packages overnight on time in the US than any other carrier, including FedEx.  Simple shipping!  Special savings!  It’s that easy!

For complete details or to sign up, click here.
Here’s a sample of the discounts you can receive by enrolling in the UPS Savings Program:

UPS List Rate

Your UPS Rate

FedEx List Rate**

Your Savings

% Savings Over FedEx

UPS Next Day Air® (Zone 4, Letter)






UPS Worldwide Express® (Zone 4, 9 lbs. package)






UPS Ground Commercial (Zone 4, 35 lbs. package)






Source: UPS 2011 Daily Rate Guide; Example only and may not reflect member’s exact discount or amount of savings.  Note: UPS Rates not inclusive of any accessorial charges, surcharges, or applicable fees.

For more information on UPS and to receive your special savings, visit

*See Rates and Services Chart for detail of Savings and Discounts, which depend on total weekly gross shipping charges incurred.

**Savings over FedEx are based on Retail Counter Rates in the FedEx Service Guide published January 3, 2011 (