Grand Trophy Award

The Fleet Safety Grand Trophy Award is open to all current MCM carrier members that have applied for a fleet safety award in their mileage category and have a minimum of 200,000 MT miles.  The winner is chosen by an independent panel of judges using various safety criteria, such as activity in the Safety Management, Maintenance and Technology Council, Truck Driving Championships, Driver Appreciation Week, previous Fleet Safety Awards; involvement in America’s Road Team and the company that displays an overall exemplary safety program with no accidents in the current year.

Motor Carriers of Montana represents Montana’s motor carrier industry and currently has over 600 members.  Its goal is to promote the trucking industry through cooperation and education in Montana and across the country.  MCM members strive to improve transportation service by providing leadership and assistance to persons and firms engaged in the motor carrier industry.  MCM’s chief goal is to make Montana’s highways a safer place for our families and the traveling public.

More information about Motor Carriers of Montana or the Great West Fleet Safety Award can be obtained by contacting MCM at 406-442-6600 or

MCM would also like to thank Great West Casualty Company for their continued support and sponsorship of this award.

Great West Casualty Fleet Safety Award application

2017  Grand Trophy Recipient

Raymond Corcoran Trucking 
               Billings, MT                        (l-r  Aaron Stieg, Chad Crume, Jennifer McCollum)










2016 Grand Trophy Recipient

Whitewood Transport Billings, MT



2015 Grand Trophy Recipient

                Raymond Corcoran Trucking                          Billings, MT                           (l-r  Aaron Stieg, Chad Crume, Jennifer McCollum)



2014 Grand Trophy Recipient


Ankrum Trucking, Inc. Billings, MT     (l-r Chad Crume, Stewart Ankrum, Leo Hughes)



 2013 Grand Trophy Recipient

Grand Trophy winner Ankrum Trucking l-r Stewart Ankrum Ankrum Trucking Chad Crume Great West Casualty Company

Ankrum Trucking, Billings, MT                      (l-r Stewart Ankrum, Chad Crume)


2012 Grand Trophy Recipient

2012 Whitewood

Whitewood Transport, Billings, MT (l-r Mike Wilson, Stacey Hemming, Doug Miller)


2011 Grand Trophy Recipient


Whitewood Transport, Billings, MT (l-r Leo Hughes, Stacey Hemming)


2010 Grand Trophy Recipient


Diversified Transfer & Storage, Billings, MT (l-r Jay Foley, Frank Molodecki, Cheri Kaufmann, Mike O’Dore)


2009 Grand Trophy Recipient


Whitewood Transport, Billings, MT (l-r Mike Wilson, John Hanson)