Truck Driving Championships

2019 State Truck
Driving Championships

Saturday, June 15
The Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds
98 W Custer Ave.
Helena, MT

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2019 National Truck Driving Championship
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Norm (Cowboy) Canney

Norm (Cowboy) Canney is named the Montana Grand Champion for his safe driving knowledge and skill behind the wheel of a big rig. He will go on to compete at the American Trucking Associations National Driver of the Year competition in August.

Canney is a professional truck driver for Associated Foods in Salt Lake City, Utah, was crowned the Grand Champion of the 2017 Montana Truck Driving Championships. He was the top-scoring competitor in the contest that took place on June 17th in Helena.

Canney, who resides in Helena, Montana, earned the top score among more than 70 professional truck drivers who came to the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds in Helena from across the state to compete for the title of the state’s best truck driver. Canney (who competed in the “Sleeper Berth” division, one of nine classes in the contest) bested all others in three elements of the competition: Written test, driving skills course and a pre-trip inspection where the drivers must identify planted safety defects on a tractor-trailer.

A 47-year career driver, Canney enjoys repairing automobiles.

He and the other first-place class champions will compete in the 2017 National Truck Driving Championships in Orlando Florida, August 9-12, 2017.

Division winners:

3 axle                                    Dave Schelin
                                             FedEx Freight

Sleeper Berth                         Norm (Cowboy) Canney
                                             Associated Foods

Straight Truck                         Don Lamere
                                             JNL Brown Trucking
                                             Great Falls

4 axle                                     Ryan Harris

Flatbed                                   Bryce Neilson
                                              FedEx Freight

5 axle                                     Duane Bushman
                                              Schneider National /
                                              Watkins Shepard
                                              Great Falls

Twin Trailers                            Chuck Fiske
                                               FedEx Freight

Tank                                        Mike Worl
                                               JRM Enterprises

Step Van                                  Jason Martinie
                                               FedEx Express

Rookie of the Year                    Lyle Turville
                                               Decker Truck Line


2017 National Truck Driving Championship
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
August 9-12, 2017


2017 National Truck Driving Championship Winners:

Grand Champion:  Roland Bolduc, FedEx Express, Massachusetts

National Rookie of the Year: Bryce Neilson, FedEx Freight, Montana

State Team Trophy: Kentucky

Vehicle Condition Award: Bryan Wold, XPO Logistics, North Dakota

Neill Darmstadter Professional Excellence Award:  Daniel Shamrell, FedEx Freight, Oregon – 4 axle class

Sam Gillette Life-Time Volunteer Award: Joe Smith, Kenco Management

Written Exam award: Don Logan, FedEx Freight, Kansas


Straight Truck Class

First Place: Richard Bailey, FedEx Freight, Michigan

Second Place: Brent Glasenapp, FedEx Express, Wisconsin

Third Place:  Dale Brenaman, UPS, Kentucky

3-Axle Class

First Place: Glen Kirk, Old Dominion Freight Line, Indiana

Second Place: David Rohman, FedEx Express, North Carolina

Third Place: David Murphy, YRC Freight, Idaho

 4-Axle Class

First Place: James Duffy, FedEx Freight, Wisconsin

Second Place: Tony Archambault, Walmart Transportation, Maine

Third Place: Daniel Shamrell, FedEx Freight, Oregon

 5-Axle Class

First Place: Michael Miltenberger, PITT OHIO, Maryland

Second Place: Jose Orozco, XPO Logistics, Arizona

Third Place: Artur Lesniowski, FedEx Ground, New Jersey

 Flatbed Class

First Place: Richard Chowder FedEx Freight, Kentucky

Second Place: Dennis Shirar, Walmart Transportation, Indiana

Third Place: Brian Walker, UPS Freight, North Carolina

 Tank Truck Class

First Place: Scott Woodrome, FedEx Freight, Ohio

Second Place: Thomas Garner, FedEx Freight, Alabama

Third Place: Anthony Spero, ABF Freight System, Connecticut

Twins Class

First Place: Chris Poyner, XPO Logistics, Washington

Second Place: Jeffrey Rose, YRC Freight, Ohio

Third Place: Marcus Byrd, FedEx Freight, Mississippi

 Sleeper Berth Class

First Place: Roland Bolduc, FedEx Express, Massachusetts

Second Place: Heladio Fernandez, FedEx Freight, Oregon

Third Place: Rick Pledger, Walmart Transportation, Texas

 Step Van

First Place: Michael Bills, FedEx Express, North Carolina

Second Place: Jason Imhoff, Walmart Transportation, Ohio

Third Place: Ceth Christensen, UPS, Illinois