Truck Driver Appreciation

Please join Motor Carriers of Montana and other Montanan’s in honoring the professional drivers and celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Day the week of September 13 – 19, 2020. 
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Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the American highway and the U.S. economy.  Day in and day out, more than 3 million men and women deliver the goods that keep our economy going and growing.

  • Truck drivers keep the shelves of our local supermarkets fully stocked.
  • Truck drivers deliver blood, medicine and diagnostic equipment to hospitals and clinics.
  • Truck drivers are a vital chain in the link that brings the newspaper to your front door every morning.
  • Truck drivers ensure that raw materials and intermediate products for cars, trucks appliances and other important consumer goods are delivered to the assembly line safely and on time.  And they deliver the finished product to stores for you to purchase.

In short, trucking delivers America. Professional truck drivers play a vital role in the economic life of America and are among the safest and most professional drivers on the road.  The trucking industry generated $486.1 billion in freight revenues in 2000 and employs more than 9 million people; truck drivers are the backbone of this essential industry.

In Montana alone the trucking industry employees over 27,000 people, which is one out of every 11 workers.  It pays over $650 million in salaries with an average annual wage of over $25,000 for each employee in Montana.  They move 88% of Montana’s manufactured freight and serve virtually every community in Montana.