Driver of the Year


2021 Driver of the Year

Matthew Lane; Corcoran Trucking, Inc.


Matthew Lane has been driving professionally since 1998.  He has been with Corcoran Trucking, Inc since 2017.

He was involved in the no zone driver’s education demonstration for a local high school in Grand Rapids ND.  He hopes that being a part of that helped at least one teenager to understand how to properly drive around semis.

He has helped families who were stuck on a closed interstate by giving them snacks and bottled water.

About 5 years ago he participated in the Special Olympics Truck Convoy in Billings MT.  It was the highlight of his driving career, for a couple of reasons.  One is that he got to have his daughter there and helped her to see how to help those in need.  The second reason is that the local law enforcement was there and the good relations he was able to build with them.


2020 Driver of the Year  

Dave Seib: Diversified Transfer & Storage


2019 Driver of the Year  

Alvin Reeves; Corcoran Trucking, Inc.


  2018 Driver of the Year   

Jeff Dilcher: Hi-Line Moving Services, Inc.


  2017 Driver of the Year   

Byron Hedtke: The Waggoners Trucking


   2016 Driver of the Year   

Spiekermeier Larry

Larry Spiekermeier: Whitewood Transport


  2015 Driver of the Year   

Clark Choate: Davis Transport Inc.


                            2014 Driver of the Year             

Ed Kober

Ed Kober: Davis Transport



                         2013 Driver of the Year


Oscar Nesing: Industrial Transfer & Storage / K & K Trucking, Inc.



                           2012 Driver of the Year

12 michael ferguson (wife darla)

Michael Ferguson: Corcoran Trucking (with wife Darla, John Corcoran)


                           2011 Driver of the Year

11 james heaton

James Heaton: Con Way Freight


                          2010 Driver of the Year

10 robert ellinger

Robert Ellinger: Sammons Trucking

                         2009 Driver of the Year

09 larry spiekermeier

Larry Spiekermeier: Whitewood Transport