Driver of the Year


2019 Driver of the Year


Alvin Reeves
Corcoran Trucking, Inc.

While Mr. Reeves does not feel that he is a hero, he did relate a story about the time that he was driving in Yuma, AZ.  In the middle of summer he came across an elderly lady and her father who were stranded on the road with a flat tire.  Alvin grabbed a couple soda’s for them out of the cooler he keeps in his truck and got them on their way.  While Mr. Reeves states this is just “the right thing to do”, we classify him as a hero in saving this elderly pair of travelers.


  2018 Driver of the Year   

Jeff Dilcher: Hi-Line Moving Services, Inc.


  2017 Driver of the Year   

Byron Hedtke: The Waggoners Trucking


   2016 Driver of the Year   

Spiekermeier Larry

Larry Spiekermeier: Whitewood Transport


  2015 Driver of the Year   

Clark Choate: Davis Transport Inc.


                            2014 Driver of the Year             

Ed Kober

Ed Kober: Davis Transport



                         2013 Driver of the Year


Oscar Nesing: Industrial Transfer & Storage / K & K Trucking, Inc.



                           2012 Driver of the Year

12 michael ferguson (wife darla)

Michael Ferguson: Corcoran Trucking (with wife Darla, John Corcoran)


                           2011 Driver of the Year

11 james heaton

James Heaton: Con Way Freight


                          2010 Driver of the Year

10 robert ellinger

Robert Ellinger: Sammons Trucking

                         2009 Driver of the Year

09 larry spiekermeier

Larry Spiekermeier: Whitewood Transport