Driver of the Month

The Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year Programs are both  sponsored by Motor Carriers of  Montana  (MCM) Safety Management, Maintenance & Technology Council (SMMTC) .

Applications are received monthly from carrier members and the monthly winner is selected by SMMTC.

To be eligible, a driver must drive for an MCM member domiciled in Montana and be employed with their current company for a least one year.

The Driver of the Month winners are eligible for the Driver of the Year honor which is awarded each year at MCM’s annual convention.

Montana’s Driver of the Year competes in the annual American Trucking Associations’ National Driver of the Year program.

Download Driver of the Month Application  

Kent Roberts                                                                       Jim Self
Ken Stabler Trucking                                                 Whitewood Transport
September 2021                                                            November 2021
Sami Laakso                                                                    Matthew Lane
DSV Road Transport, Inc.                                              Corcoran Trucking, Inc
January 2021                                                                  May 2021
Dave Seib                                                                      William Stetcher
Diversified Transfer &  Storage                                   Wilson Logistics
July 2020                                                                        November 2020
Rob Evans                                                                  Gerald Trenary
Warren Transport, Inc                                               Warren Transport, Inc
March 2020                                                                May 2020
Mark Cole                                                                     Donald Wimberley
FedEx Freight                                                               S.A.C.S. Trucking, Inc.
November 2019                                                            January 2020
Jason Beattie                                                          Calvin Nelson
FedEx Freight                                                         Diversified Transfer & Storage, Inc.                               
September 2019                                                      May 2019   


Alvin Reeves                                                            Randall Voltenburg
Corcoran Trucking, Inc.                                         DSV Road Transport, Inc.
March 2019                                                               January 2019


Harry Sarver                                                           Dale Sanford
Hi-Line Moving Services                             Diversified Transfer & Storage, Inc.
November 2018                                             September 2018


Jonathan Gann                                                        Jeff Dilcher
DSV Road Transport, Inc.                             Hi-Line Moving Moving Services, Inc
September 2017                                                 March 2017


Brad Tom                                                                       Robert Schiebel
Sammons Trucking                                                     Diversified Transfer & Storage, Inc.
November 2016                                                            September 2016
                      Gabe Schatz
Byron Hedtke                                                         Gabe Schatz
Waggoners Trucking                                             Whitewood Transport, Inc.
July 2016                                                                  March 2016
Warner                            BLAINE THURBER
Ron Warner                                                                Blaine Thurber
Davis Transport, Inc.                                               Davis Transport, Inc.
January 2016                                                            November 2015

ken printz dom                                            Spiekermeier Larry
Ken Printz                                                                       Larry Spiekermeier
Decker Truck Line, Inc.                                                Whitewood Transport, Inc.
September 2015                                                            July 2015
 Clark and Christine Choate 1                          Rick Loyer
Clark Choate                                                                   Rick Loyer
Davis Transport                                                            Hi Line Moving Service
May 2015                                                                       March 2015
 Jerry Hamontree                                     Beaudry
Jerry Hamontree                                                        Stanley Beaudry
Jim Palmer Trucking                                                 Watkins & Shepard
January 2015                                                             November 2014
20140924_075019 (2)                                        a.
David Webb                                                                  Allen Richardson
Jim Palmer Trucking                                                   Davis Transport
September 2014                                                          July 2014
bryan wetsch                                       arnie pic
Bryant Wetsch                                                            Arnie McIntosh
Raymond  Corcoran Trucking                                 Diversified Transfer & Storage
May 2014                                                                    March 2014
George Drake                                  Joe Stafford
George Drake                                                               Joe & Glenda Stafford
Davis Transport                                                          Davis Transport
January 2014                                                              November 2013
dan curtiss                              Ed Kober
Dan Curtiss                                                                   Ed Kober
Con Way Freight                                                          Davis Transport
September 2013                                                          July 2013
Ron n Val Greiner                 Dan Kocab
Ron Greiner wife Val                                                     Dan Kocab
Davis Transport                                                             Diversified Transfer & Storage
May 2013                                                                        March 2013
buzz faro                            nov 12 timothy bartle
Buzz Faro                                                                     Timothy Bartle
Sammons Trucking                                                    Jim Palmer Trucking
January 2013                                                              November 2012
Fred Jones                   Oscar Nesing
Fred Jones                                                                    Oscar Nesing
Davis Transport                                                           Industrial Transfer & Storage
September 2012                                                         July 2012
may 12 ronald robinson                    index
Ronald Robinson                                                        Dennis Lease
Jim Palmer Trucking                                                   Davis Transport
May 2012                                                                     March 2012
Michael Ferguson                                 jodie
Michael Ferguson                                                   Jodie Lidstrom
Corcoran Trucking                                                  S.A.C.S. Trucking
January 2012                                                           November 2011
PatClark_page                   clark
Pat Clark                                                                       Clark Bancroft
Con Way Freight                                                        Jim Palmer Trucking
September 2011                                                        July 2011
seth                  11 james heaton
Seth Whiteley                                                              James Heaton
Con Way Freight                                                        Con Way Freight
May 2011                                                                    March 2011
jan 11 david seib                              phil
David Seib                                                                 Phil Lauer
Diversified Transfer & Storage                             Davis Transport
January 2011                                                           November 2010
miquel                BobOksness
Miguel Lopez                                                               Bob Oksness
Helena Sand & Gravel                                                Con Way Freight
September 2010                                                         July 2010
Rick_flom                 Chris_hoffman
Rick Flom                                                                     Chris Hoffman
Con Way Freight                                                        Ankrum Trucking
June 2010                                                                   May 2010
apr 10 daniel slattery                       M
Daniel Slattery                                                            James Dahlin
Diversified Transfer & Storage                              Ankrum Trucking
April 2010                                                                  March 2010
feb 10 eric christenson                  jan 10 larry schleining
Eric Christenson                                                         Larry Schleining
Con Way Freight                                                        Raymond Corcoran Trucking
February 2010                                                            January 2010
dec 09 kurt sylvara                    nov 09 gary johannsen
Kurt Sylvara                                                                 Gary Johannsen
Sammons Trucking                                                   Con Way Freight
December 2009                                                         November 2009
oct 09 dave hofer               sept 09 ronald warner
Dave Hofer                                                                 Ronald Warner
RB & C Grain                                                             Davis Transport
October 2009                                                           September 2009
10 robert ellinger                                july 09 eugene hull
Robert Ellinger                                                        Eugene Hull
Sammons Trucking                                                Raymond Corcoran Trucking
August 2009                                                           July 2009
may 09 dan felix         april 09 ryan harris
Dan Felix                                                                        Ryan Harris
Con Way Freight                                                          Reddaway
May 2009                                                                      April 2009
mar 09 ralph raiha                        feb 09 mike fleming
Ralph Raiha                                                               Mike Fleming
Con Way Freight                                                      Con Way Freight
March 2009                                                              February 2009
jan 09 mike richards        dec 08 greg foss
Mike Richards                                                             Greg Foss
Whitewood Transport                                              Con Way Freight
January 2009                                                              December 2008
09 larry spiekermeier                            oct 08 emmett gallagher
Larry Spiekermeier                                                  Emmet Gallagher
Whitewood Transport                                          Big Country Transportation
November 2008                                                     October 2008
sept 08 ben langton                  aug 08 fred pratt
Ben Langton                                                            Fred Pratt
Diversified Transfer & Storage                            Big Country Transportation
September 2008                                                     August 2008
Richard Erickson
Watkins & Shepard Trucking
July 2008