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Barry “Spook” Stang served in the Montana State Legislature from 1986 through 2000 and

has been the Executive Vice President of MOTOR CARRIERS of Montana since May 2001.

Spook is your point of contact for all industry topics and especially wants to hear from you regarding legislative issues and government affairs.

Barry “Spook” Stang
Executive Vice President
501 N Sanders #201
Helena, MT 59601
Phone 406-442-6600
Fax 406-443-4281
Cell 406-581-1298



Karen Lynch

Office Manager
Motor Carriers of Montana
501 North Sanders #201
Helena MT 59601
Phone 406-442-6600
Fax 406-443-4281


Todd Mulcahy

Safety Coordinator
Motor Carriers of  Montana
501 N. Sanders #201
Helena, MT 59601
Phone  406-442-6600
Fax  406-443-4281