Steve Hanson
Hanson Trucking, Inc.
President of Motor Carriers of Montana

Welcome to the Motor Carriers of Montana (MCM) website, MCM is comprised of over 600 companies. These companies are a diverse group comprised of trucking companies, passenger carriers, garbage haulers, construction and excavating companies and companies providing products and services.

MCM has many carrier services available, such as supplies, a national account program for tire buying and a workers comp group just to name a few. MCM has a full time safety person. Each year at the annual convention, safety awards are awarded to carriers with a good safety record. There are many more services, please check them out.

MCM is an organization representing the entire industry, providing more effective government influence than is possible as individuals, MCM’s CEO serves as a lobbyist for the entire industry.

The MOTOR CARRIERS of Montana has served as the voice for Montana’s trucking industry since 1939.  MCM is a trade association dedicated to the furtherance of the trucking industry’s goals and interests in Montana and the United States.

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